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I’m not working for special interests like my opponents, so I need the people’s support to take Arizona’s 2nd District. Too often we rest while democrats and opportunistic “Republicans” run up millions in donations. This makes winning impossible for public servants and community leaders like me.

We know disastrous policies causing inflation, scarcity and fear make money very tight, but this is year 1 and if we don’t act now, it will be SEVEN more! We’ll take our House back and pull this administration’s last tooth but right now it looks like O’Halleran is going to crush us again. Today, $5 can barely buy a loaf of bread but it can still help take America back. Will you take the pledge and join my campaign to make sure radicals are stopped in D.C?

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Campaign Donation FAQs

How do online campaign donations work?


We use WinRed as our online donation service. The company holds conservative values and makes it super easy for you to make donations without worrying about a bunch of messy and constantly changing regulations or requiring you to make an account. WinRed allows you to do a one-time donation OR to really boost your impact, you can choose to donate regularly. We recommend this option because it spreads out your donation which has less of an impact on your wallet and boosts your impact by helping us keep the pressure on the Democrats! Plus, this function keeps track of the donations you’ve given so you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

With WinRed donating is easy and only takes a second. All you need to do is, 

  1. Click on the button above to be taken to our secure WinRed portal. 
  2. Next, choose an amount to donate and be sure to make it monthly  to really boost your impact. 
  3. Fill in all information that is required by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) for individual contributions (Hyper text: Individual contributions (
  4. Indicate if you would like to get our campaign updates to make sure you never miss anything about where your donation is being put to work.
  5. Just click on that big red donate button to join our support team.
  6. Keep exploring our site and be sure to sign up to volunteer if you want to do even more!


Why do I have to put down personal information just to donate? 

To stop super-donor elites like George Soros or Bill Gates from buying entire elections the FEC requires that you provide us with some basic information that we can then report to them. We also do not want to allow foreign influence through either government or individual foreign nationals being able to easily give to our candidates. This helps the FEC ensure a person is only giving the amount permitted by the law but also helps us on the campaign side. We are dedicated to preserving our integrity on our run to the US House and these reports make sure we know who the money is coming from so that we don’t accidentally accept from an undesirable source. Most of the information is already available through voter registration data (address, name etc.) but to make sure your information is safe the FEC has put into place regulations on information use.


I prefer to donate by cash or check, how does that work?

Don’t worry, if you prefer the old fashion way we’d still love (and prefer) to have you send in a physical donation. There are just a few things you should know before sending something over. First, the FEC requires that you give us some basic information to make sure everything is on the level. We ask that you do one of the following when donating by check or cash.

  1. Provide us with a legible copy of your (full legal) name, address (don’t forget zip code and state), email address and primary phone number in the same letter as the donation. We will also need your employer and occupation. If you’re retired, use that.
  2. Include your email and phone number so we can reach out for the other pieces of information.
  3. Send us a message via the contact page to provide the above information and indicate the address and name that the letter is associated with along with the amount being donated.
*Please send all campaign correspondence including donations to our mailing address at P.O box 781, Williams, AZ, 86046.


Note: If you wish to donate by cash or check and are not willing or unable to provide the information required by the FEC, your donation will be promptly returned after we attempt to amend the issue.


How much can I give? 

Don’t worry, this limit is per candidate so you can give to as many candidates committees as you’d like as long as it is under this dollar amount per. We know a lot of people are wary of going over the limit and drawing the ire of the federal government, especially in this environment. That’s why we make it easy by using WinRed and providing speedy support for all donors.


-Why should I give to John W. Moore for Congress? 

The John W. Moore campaign is at the front lines of the fight for our nation. Currently we are working day in and out to make sure we have the most innovative and effective solutions to winning this thing but the battle is still uphill. Here are a few reasons you should join the team and donate to John. 

  • John actually lives in AZ02. We know, this one sounds strange to us too! It is hard to believe how many US Congressman do not even live next to the people that they represent. Our current Congressman Tom O’Halleran, hasn’t lived in the district for any of his 6 years! In fact, he actually was districted in when the AZ Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC) completed the new maps this year. 
  • AZ02 is one of the most vulnerable seats in the nation. This is a big one and it should be because the Arizona Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC just dealt us all a win by adding a republican majority district to the AZ map. We now have much greater odds than before but it is not a done deal. A combination of factors may see incumbent O’Halleran once again eviscerate his competition. The district only leans republican and there are actually over 30% independents living here. In the past Tom has gotten away with massive lies and it appears as though he will again. This district’s nature as strongly nonpartisan combined with Tom’s strategy to successfully sell his lie of being a moderate make him a lot stronger than he seems or than other republican candidates will admit. Unfortunately, Republicans have never been as good as democrats at scheming and this means we will likely nominate another loser in the primary who will get crushed in the general election. We have a chance to nominate John, someone interested in unity and not attack, someone who has a clear history of fighting for this community, lives here and is an outsider to the DC game. 
  • John is dedicated to running this race with integrity. It may sound ridiculous or like a petty political strategy but we genuinely believe that to serve the people of rural Arizona John has to be free from obligations. Running a campaign is hard and it is only worth it if he can help flip Congress in 2022 and help push for the policies we all want, not that some tech company in California wants. 


Campaigns these days get millions of dollars and I’m not sure how my small donation will help.

We understand the overwhelming nature that donating to campaigns can present. A lot of people are new to donating because they see the changes happening in our country and want to take a stand. But most people don’t have $5000 to give to candidates. They have other priorities like providing for their loved ones and just getting by. That is why it can seem futile to give $5 to a campaign that has $5 million. Well to be perfectly clear, Mayor Moore will not be receiving $5 million dollars. This primary race and the election in November are already filled with people ready to sell their souls for millions and so far they have succeeded! We are a very small team with a great candidate and an even better message but these days to get your message out there it takes a lot of money. John is a big supporter of the ground campaign where he can meet everyone in the district and ask each of them what they need from our federal government but if our opponents are raking in $500,000 a week, even a far superior candidate and strategy can fall by the wayside. That is why we think you should help us out. Because we are not a multimillion dollar team with high power teams based out of DC. We are a team of locals that are tired of seeing terrible republican candidates lose to a corrupt yes man who is so easily beaten if we just back the right horse. Mayor Moore says all the time that he may not be that horse but compared to the other choices there is NO other option for winning this November.

Why should you give $5? Because if Arizona doesn’t get it right, the entire nation loses.


Where does my money go?

The John W. Moore for Congress team is dedicated to finding the best strategies to prevent waste. While our opponents lavishly spend hundreds of thousands of dollars that their supporters and special interests have pumped into their coffers, we have spent the little that we have to find the most effective strategies and throw out the others. Look at how we fare compared to the field and you will see that we are right. With massive cash burn rates sometimes at an eye-popping rate of 75%, our opponents are truly proving their RINO nature and showing us how they will govern once in office: extravagantly and with a thirst for more spending. These spending habits are indicative of more than just bad campaigning, it also shows us a much deeper problem. Spending hundreds of thousands on things such as direct mail already, noting that paper is at an exorbitant price and most are going directly into the trash this early in the year. They are proving their lack of strategic awareness and are wasting valuable resources. Would you trust them to purchase petroleum for the strategic reserves or would they expand when the markets are at all time highs just like they spend on needless, low-thought strategies like direct mail so early and when it is so much more expensive than standard market prices. 

Our strategy runs based on John Moore’s small business experience and only goes to essentials. Our main priority is getting to speak with the people of AZo2 and meeting as many people as possible. We work on a shoestring budget and every dollar we receive is worth at least ten of theirs.

I’m ready to donate but still need more information.

We know the federal government makes everything more complicated and messy than it needs to be. That is why we are always happy to answer any questions you may have before deciding to donate. You can reach us via the contact page where you are prompted to fill in the given fields and can leave whatever questions we may not have been able to answer. We are typically speedy with a response and will almost always get back to you the same day or at most the next day.

Our campaign has a policy to double check our facts before doing anything but we understand if you want to as well or if we forgot any information. That is why we have provided all the links to make sure you have the best and most recent possible information but we know some people just want a simple answer and those government websites can be an absolute terror. Feel free to click on all the links provided in the FAQ to get the absolutely complete answer but we’ll try to keep it as easy as possible on our end.

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