Family Values

No other institution means more to the continued prosperity and righteousness of the American experiment than the family. Unfortunately, no other institution has suffered so many attacks in recent years either. We need to strengthen this foundation before it is washed away and with it, our success and heritage.

Fighting for Our Families

The family is the conduit where morality flows into our national mind. God, family, country isn’t just a great ethos to live by personally, it is the way we must balance our society. For proof look no further than the abortion crisis. Today, there is a massive war for the lives of millions of unborn Americans. This is the time when America must choose, will we fight for a moral and just world? Or will we continue to be complicit in one of the largest genocides in History. John Moore pledges to fight for and support any pro-life legislation, though sadly that isn’t enough to save the family. A deeply rooted local perspective shows the cracks in the family unity in America, and further actions that need to be taken to stop the family from losing the last of its hope.

Step One: Preserving our Morality

Having an up close and personal perspective on how big federal and state decisions impact local communities, Mayor Moore isn’t very impressed with simple solutions to complex issues. Fundamentally, the problem of abortion being legal is only a part of the problem, the other part is that people are willing to get abortions. Roe v. Wade without a doubt made the problem larger. It increased access and visibility allowing for billions in tax dollars to make their way into dastardly organizations like Planned Parenthood and The Center For Reproductive Rights.

We must stop abortions of convenience by banning them in Congress; but, further steps are necessary to actually root out the problem. Both fostering and adopting are crucial avenues, and educational and community programs play a vital role in rooting out the demand for abortion.

Here’s another way to think about it: We don’t just make murder illegal, we also teach people why it is wrong at an early age, like creating an accountable community that is able to de-escalate or redirect negative emotions. We set up programs to assist people if they need help. And finally, we punish people for making the wrong decision.
The unfortunate truth about abortion is that we aren’t teaching people why it is wrong and empowering good decisions. Sure, not everyone would commit murder if it was legal, but more would, and even more if it wasn’t taught as evil, and even more if it was supported by publicly funded institutions. The truth is, abortion is murder but propaganda can have powerful effects all the same.

One million lives are extinguished every year, and by taking back Congress, we’ll be postured to finally put the nail in the coffin of Roe v. Wade. When we habituate people in a behavior, when people call it a “brave decision, or when we demonize having children at all, then we allow the other side to fundamentally change what is considered morally permissible. So, if it’s that deeply rooted, can we even get rid of this problem? Short answer: Yes.

Strengthening the Community and the Family

A woman’s decision to end a life is more than legal, and tragically, a lot of times they think they’re doing the right thing. If we do not teach our kids what is good, then they will almost always make the wrong decision. These people know their child’s life is in their hands, but they see the alternatives of putting the baby up for adoption, or better yet actually raising the child as somehow worse options than ending a life. We need to do a better job educating couples about their options, and teach them how to be good parents. This makes them less scared or overwhelmed and better informed of the alternatives that are available, making it less likely they will take such a drastic action as terminating a beautiful life.

Next, we must work with willing state and local governments (and steamroll unwilling ones) to create community programs for at-risk mothers to provide therapy, counseling, education and other basic services. Finally, by reforming our foster and adoption systems, we can help the children in it to succeed, give couples a bright look at their child’s future and knock the teeth out of the abortion industry and their pittiful excuses.

If a couple is scared, or has other children they are unable to properly care for, or has little experience with good family life and no community support, it makes sense that they would attempt the only “solution they know and take their child’s life. We need to root the problem out at its source and stop this thing once and for all!

An Issue Bigger than Roe

Abortion is one of the most urgent issues our country faces today, but the solution isn’t as simple as politicans would have you believe. Abortion is only a symptom of the terrible disease is the erosion of the family as an institution in our culture. The outcome is abortion, divorce, infidelity, teenage pregnancy, and so on. When parents are stripped of their rights, when our entire culture and way of life is now completely at odds with the values we ought to learn at home. When the government at all levels has consistently failed to provide even the most basic level of stability or security to our foster children, then people from dejected families or broken systems will always seek the easy way out!

A vote for John W. Moore is a vote for common sense, locally driven solutions to problems, not campaign pledges.

For an America of wisdom that honors the family, knowing that if the family goes, so goes our civilization.President Ronald Reagan

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