Border Security

Do nothing democrats caused this invasion when they completely ignored it! Now it’s our turn to fix it! Arizonans are seeing major impacts and taking back Congress is the only way to fight against inaction.

The Border Invasion

A nation is not a nation without borders. President Trump was under constant attack on borders. Pictures of children behind chain-link caused Democrat outrage but what has changed? Well, the cages are made of plastic now! Besides that, the only difference is the absolutely massive influx of people flooding across DAILY! John Moore pledges to fight for our border states (North & South) and secure the border because he believes that strong border policy IS compassion!

How Biden Screwed Up So Bad

Since Biden took office in 2021, Arizona has been the frontline of a savage battle. A battle waged against a constant wave of people attempting to enter our nation without any kind of documentation, oversight or repercussions. While our other border states are impacted as well, Arizona has seen over 1000% increases in border interactions in some areas and even the locations least impacted by the Biden takeover are seeing AT LEAST 400% increases! That translates into a job that is 10x more dangerous for our border agents and first responders,

Most people attempting to cross are simply looking for a better life, away from the drugs and violence of their home countries. These immigrants are heartbreaking to watch because the administration has not left the whole border open, they have just ignored it; making it impossible for our law enforcement to patrol the most desolate regions of the vast frontier. Of course, this has sent MILLIONS of desperate souls into desolate and dangerous mountains, deserts and rivers causing odious casualties. The families of these victims rarely learn the fate of their kin and our agents must cope with seeing the dead and dying, often of cruelly abandoned children.

Unfortunately, these dangerous areas are not natural fortifications but a field day for some of the most sick and perverted opportunists south of the border! Human traffickers or coyotes are dirty mules that guide people down on their luck for outrageous and vague prices. The difficulty of crossing these areas makes hiring them necessary and they take this chance to rob, rape and leave behind most of their clients on the way. This is how law enforcement often finds people: lost, near death and even their water stolen.

Supporting Law Enforcement | Investing in Security

I wholly support our law enforcement and the job they are doing at our borders, but we must embrace new policies and strategies to ensure border security and economic growth. Deterring illegal activities and creating a strong border is compassion. Compassion for hardworking immigrants that come here legally. Compassion for the scared children that are left stranded here by cartel members and traffickers who use them for their own selfish gain. Most important, it is compassion for the Americans that are losing their lives by the thousands because of incompetent drug enforcement.

Many people think that securing the border and reforming immigration are mutually exclusive. I disagree, and I am certain that when I get to Congress, I will be able to work with and attempt to unite both sides of the aisle to create meaningful immigration reform. All while providing the necessary tools for our law enforcement at the state, federal and local level to keep us all safe and effectively operate at our borders.

If we continue construction on the wall, while also increasing the use new technologies and increasing the size and equipment advantage of the border patrol we CAN make America safer. All we need is good Republicans in office that are willing to take a stand, who also realize the natural inclination migrants will be to head north. If we encourage legal immigration and deter illegal immigration by working together as Americans, we can continue to take our country back!


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