We The People are fed up with constant failures in the Department of Education. They have caused education in America to lag behind by only teaching for the test, taking control from the people in our communities and forcing strict, impractical curriculum down our throats. We need local control, and we need it now.

Saving Our Classrooms

Education is the backbone of our great nation so naturally; it should be the government’s principal concern to ensure the highest quality education for all children. This is a fact of our times, as the world advances, the United States must also, or we will be relegated to subservience by China and Russia and lose our global economic power.

It is crucial the government incentivize and improve education as much as possible, but the federal government has long proven itself inferior at providing a relevant, effective and affordable education. Our Federal Government has COMPLETELY failed in doing this by allowing racist redlining policies to dictate what type of education a child receives because of their zip code and forcing a parents tax dollars to go where they live and not where their family is served. ​As if that wasn’t enough, new policies created by the radical left like CRT makes students trapped by zip code in their districts with parents forced to pay out of pocket for private school OR continue to watch their child continue to be indoctrinated!

John has always been an advocate of school choice. Growing up in Missouri he saw the devastating impacts that segregation left on the people who were subjected to it. CRT and school redlining threaten to destroy our children by attacking our history and therefore our future! If everyone in a state wants to learn about how evil the United States is (looking at you CA) that is up to them but Arizona has had enough! John has promised to only vote for policies the Arizona people approve of and in particular GIVE THE POWER BACK TO THE PARENTS!

Less Federal Overreach Means Quality over Quantity

What would have been absolutely unheard of just a few decades ago has now become frequent: other nations testing substantially higher than US students. Why? The left would like to give credit to socialism but the truth is red tape created by the Department of Education caused these problems! This unconstitutional department has long tormented our students here in Arizona, from common core to new CRT implementation and it is time that Congress take action!

Mayor Moore promises to diligently work on guaranteeing school choice for every American student, and to expand voucher programs that provide low-income children access to better schools and make sure the money travels with the backpack to prevent red tape and federal control. Aside from that, the federal government should take their hands off the wheel and try to give power back from where they stole it. John has pledged to work with other members of congress and across the aisle to ensure the Federal government can no longer damage a state and parents’ ability to provide for their children. Don’t expect John to claim the Department of Education will be “gone on day 1” like a lot of other politicians will but expect to have a thoughtful, long-term solution introduced that has the best possible chance at being passed and weakens the DoE without harming the short-term health of our students. That is the Mayor Moore Promise!

The best way to give our children the best opportunities in the future is by giving their parents the opportunity to decide their education today.
Mayor John W. Moore

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