Energy Independence

My district used to be a major energy producer. Unfortunately, because of short-sighted policies put in place by Nancy Pelosi and her lackeys like Tom O’Halleran, our energy production has become smaller and smaller, hurting the people who depend on these plants the most: those that work at them.


Kickstarting Energy Independence

Congressional leaders have done nothing to protect energy sector jobs in our country. One of Mayor Moore’s key goals is ensuring America’s energy sector is a job creator, not a job killer. We must embrace cutting-edge tech to ensure our economy gets back on track and continue to set the global economic pace, not China. By diversifying our energy production to responsibly include ALL energy sources, we ensure stable job creation, lower prices, and competitiveness for future generations. Americans are tired of hearing unrealistic “Green New Deal” type policies that only negatively impact our economy and reach. This is why Mayor Moore is dedicated to putting legislation forth that focuses on expanding our energy sector, creating new jobs, lowering gas prices, protecting our national security, and putting America back on top.

One of the worst impacts of Mr. Biden’s administration has been surrendering our energy independence. The left sees this as a concession to becoming “green” but giving away the power we received under President Trump’s Administration has massive consequences from the obvious ones like a loss of good jobs to the not so obvious consequences like putting even more American soldiers in danger.

Ensuring Security

There are not many things as detrimental to our national security as dependence on international energy supply chains, especially when not from allies. Since we no longer produce enough of the vital resources that are necessary to defend ourselves, conflict could cause otherwise unnecessary deployments of American soldiers to secure energy supply lines. Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine have thrown energy prices into complete disarray. The US has become so dependent on foreign oil and gas that we’ve resorted to depending on Venezuela to try and ease this entirely predictable gas crisis here at home. Further disruptions to American oil imports will undoubtedly strain our oil supply to the point of emergency. If you were alive for the oil embargo of the 1970s, then you know how disastrous this can be. We must prevent events like this at all costs.

Ensuring Stability

Energy independence lowers the risks of volatility and price fluctuation. When we are unwilling to produce our own energy, price fluctuations become more extreme. For instance, in Northern Arizona, winter prices move up as more people use more and down in summer when less people use less. Of course the opposite is true in Southern Arizona where air-conditioning is as essential to life as water. Different communities have different needs, and ensuring stable energy supplies benefits all Americans, in all seasons.

Energy independence lowers the risk of fluctuation, and makes unavoidable fluctuation far more manageable. Less volatility helps families budget and stops prices from becoming so extreme that rationing occurs. By staying independent we save millions in subsidies and emergency funds from being wasted because of bad planning and volatile supplies.

Price fluctuations don’t just impact the family though. They also hurt a company’s ability to survive. For instance a company that does business in the US cannot be sure of how much volatility will rise or fall during the year. As you might imagine, this makes it very hard to run a business. Worse yet, it incentivizes them to go to a more stable, business friendly country. It seems obvious that when you make it risky to run a business or provide for a family, less people will do it.

Ensuring Prosperity

Likely the most brutal impact of Mr. Biden’s disastrous energy platform is that it makes things harder on the people who depend on the power plants most: the Americans who work for them. Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District was once a leader in energy sector jobs. From Glen Canyon Dam to the Cholla Power Plant, these jobs provide some of the best pay and benefits packages in the state. Naturally then, it seems odd to us that beltway insiders are destroying job creators like the Navajo Generating Station, which provided stable high paying jobs for much of Page and the surrounding Native Reservation. The jobs were high paying, competitive and power vital to our community. So what did Representative O’Halleran do to stop its demolition? Nothing.

Our state is uniquely positioned in every form of energy. We have solar, coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, and biomass among others, but the federal government is not interested in independence, they are interested in appeasing the United Nations even if it means leaving millions to lose their jobs. It is not about being “green” because if it were they would be replacing the plants with something else. It is about attacking our rural community and our abilities to thrive, especially the Native American population.




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