Inflation is destroying our community, national security, education, safety and even the American Dream. Unfortunately, with Joe Biden and his cronies in power, this is truly just the beginning. That’s why it’s crucial to take Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District back in ’22. The only way to fix this problem is by tossing Pelosi’s lackeys like current Rep. Tom O’Halleran to the curb in ’22 and pushing Republicans to unite for common sense solutions to the Democrat cartel. We must fight radical socialist policies. We must aggressively attack this issue before we can get a real leader back in the White house in ’24. Frankly, our country doesn’t have until 2024…

Inflation is Real. Inflation is Deadly.

Today, inflation is the single largest obstacle to American prosperity. So, what does this disastrous Administration have to say about it? Unsurprisingly, even as his approval rating (along with the value of our dollar) plummets, this administration focuses on ridiculous goals like giving away crack pipes to minorities and shutting down even more vital pipelines.

It’s just too simple, Joe thinks the American people are dumb enough to believe the lies his administration has been spewing since the first days of his presidency. He tells us that inflation isn’t his fault. It is trumps or Russia’s or the American people’s or really anyone that pops into his brain in that moment. He says that even though it’s not his fault, it wouldn’t matter if it were anyway because inflation was made up by Republicans to scare people. Well, the fact is Joe, inflation is savaging the average American people, it is destroying our dollar, it is making it harder to live a normal life, it is making your friends richer and yes, it is ALL your fault!

Elites Line Their Pockets While the Average American Can’t Even Fill Their Tank.

So why is Biden ignoring inflation? He isn’t, he’s actively making it worse! Inflation does not hurt everyone. Inflation actually builds the wealth of some of the President’s most powerful allies. But while the wealthy line their pockets, our most vulnerable are barely able to provide for their families. Inflation mostly hurts the middle and lower classes through higher housing, food and gas prices along with other basic necessities, but these expenses are small for the wealthy. It has an undue burden on our lowest earners while the government, and billionaires fill their pockets. These are the facts the Dems will lie about until the end of time, but we know that the only way to ensure American prosperity going forward is to reduce spending, tighten the border, increase (NOT DECREASE) domestic energy output and finally we must TAKE BACK THE HOUSE! 

Inflation is Key to Destroying American Exceptionalism.

The bottom line is that inflation traps us at the bottom while fueling further attacks to our culture and democracy spearheaded by Biden, Pelosi and her cronies in Congress like Tom O’halleran. Inflation helps super donors and destroys grassroots campaigns like the John Moore for Congress campaign. It can be used to ensure innovative and harder working small businesses are consistently outclassed by multinational corporations who do little business in the United States. It kills people’s ability to travel for work or even provide for their families. This in turn stresses the entire community, weakening family values and raising crime rates.

John W. Moore: The Commonsense Choice to Fight Inflation in Congress.

John W. Moore is your commonsense fiscal conservative for US congress because he knows business. He is a team player who has run several successful businesses. More importantly though, John has a proven track record of achieving consistent and sustainable growth for over 2 decades! He accomplished this as Mayor and City Councilor in beautiful Williams, Arizona. Unfortunately, federal takeover has threatened our ability to decide our own destiny. John wants to go to Washington and bring small town leadership to the big city. The time for RINO’s is up, it is time to fight for America!

What’s the Plan?

Putting Energy Production Back on Track.

crude oil prices by year graph dramatic inflation

First things first, pipelines like Keystone XL and Line 5 must be immediately restarted to improve our ability not just to stop rising gas prices but also to provide a strong national defense. In the event of conflict with China (like we are currently seeing with Russia), the US would lose over 20% of our oil supply! This is unacceptable because when conflicts happen, energy resources must be expanded, not reduced to keep up with demand. By increasing domestic production, we can ensure that the US is prepared for any conflict or any situation.


Stopping Aggressive Restrictions.

One thing Biden does get right is that Covid does have a massive impact on inflation, but it is more about the reaction than the actual virus itself. Continued restrictions and leftover beliefs post-hysteria has left many Americans thinking money is infinite and that printing more just to hand out is sustainable. It is impossible as a small business owner to get the number of employees you need along with every supply that is necessary for your business. John’s restaurant, Miss Kitty’s constantly reports problems. Some weeks it is chicken, others broccoli or beer but there is never enough of everything to fill an entire order. Let’s fix that. It is time to take off the band aid, rub some dirt on it and forget about the Coronavirus. End the mandates, help ease inflation!

Getting active for the 2022 Midterm Elections

By working hard and electing actual fiscal conservatives, America will send a message to this know-nothing administration that we do not need their socialist anti-commonsense plans. It will also help push Biden and the leftists that control him on the defensive. By taking back the house we can stop representatives like Tommy O’Halleran. He used to be a business conservative with seemingly strong beliefs but after he switched parties to win election as your US Congressman, he has voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time. Does that seem like a moderate to you? Us either! But unfortunately, the other republicans running against Mayor Moore have proven themselves little better. With many of them spending expansive amounts of campaign funds on weak, outdated strategies that rely on extremely overpriced goods (two people running for CD02 have actually spent over 30% above market to fill your mailboxes with trash!) they have proven themselves bad conservatives. Weak business experience and absolutely no understanding of economics could leave these weak candidates susceptible to liberal schemes and socialist plans. That is why it is absolutely crucial that Americans say no to fiscal liberalism on the right AND left side of the isle.

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