Law and Order

If law and order in the United States continues to rapidly break down, American prosperity will end before this decade is up. We need more law enforcement in the House to stop Defund the Police and bring actual representation to a group in dire need of advocates at the federal state and local level.

The Backbone of American Prosperity

Who hasn’t seen the recent vicious attacks Officers have endured? As a former law enforcement officer and police chief, I often try to explain the struggles officers face on a daily basis, but nothing seems to compare to today. Imagine having to protect more and more dangerous communities while being assaulted and demonized by the very people you want to help.

Just like the disgraceful attacks Vietnam veterans faced on their return home from deployment, oftentimes the mental scars stay after the physical marks are long-gone and like the veterans of that era and today, I do not think enough is being done to build a community around these men and women. The reason we need law enforcement in Congress is because if nothing is done and Dems stay in power, they won’t need to defund because the men and women who go out there every single day will decide it’s not worth it.

How Did it Get this Bad?

As one may imagine, enforcing the law usually comes with a bit of good and a bit of bad. I know because I’ve patrolled our neighborhoods, built relationships with communities, fought against gang violence and insufficient budgets. I had to fight for every cent of funding that ensured my guys had the equipment, training, medical care and backup they were counting on.

Unfortunately, sleazy politicians and bureaucrats are more than happy to gut your community’s budget so they can put it towards their own needs. It’s sad to say but Defund the Police isn’t anything particularly new. While the size and scope of its current form is unprecedented, the fact is most Americans support the rule of law even when being subjected to the most aggressive wave of anti police propaganda in US history. So why are politicians so quick to slash budgets and benefits when law enforcement is so popular and is clearly invaluable? It’s because our elected officials don’t have a damn clue what their constituents’ needs are because they aren’t members of the community. Even as fear skyrockets due to rapidly increasing crime and instability, sheriffs and chiefs struggle to secure funding for even a new officer every few years causing dangerous situations that are only leading to more crime.

A lot of liberal politicians like my opponent and former Chicago police officer (and Republican), Representative Tom O’Halleran. Fortunately, America isn’t doomed yet. What we need is people with actual knowledge of law enforcement in DC not flip-flopping Republicans and liberal lackeys.

My Promise

I will never support any legislation that handicaps our justice system. Decades of experience have shown me the best way to improve a neighborhood is to bring the residents and the first responders together so they can voice concerns or complaints while pushing for continued communication and cooperation. Too often people are unwilling to discuss potential problems and solutions with their neighbors, law enforcement or not and that has really gotten in the way of good officers making an even greater impact on the communities they serve.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that has little respect for our officers and absolutely no interest in the rule of law. Just like every single issue that we face as a nation today, the culprit is not as simple as the left would have you believe. It’s not that every cop is racist or that gun ownership causes violence. It is because we have been failing to educate our children in strong values of being a good citizen. Teaching for a test that prepares every student for college while not even putting in the work to teach children respect for authority, fear of consequences and a good moral compass has increasingly led to less respect paid to officers. Children are actively taught to distrust and lie to officers which causes a negative interaction more times than not. We have to teach our children that if you do the crime, you suffer the consequences and if you get caught you ought to accept the punishment instead of trying to set the peacekeeper up with trumped up charges to be played around twitter for a week. Defunding the police affects other first responders. When police don’t have the resources they need, fire departments are strained, which means paramedics are strained. This has impacts beyond the realm of crime. For example, if more firefighters are needed to both provide medical care and secure the perimeter of a crime scene, that means there are less firefighters available if someone were to fall, or if an actual fire broke out.

The precipitous impact of defunding law enforcement quickly spread to every element of government at every level. The solution is simple: give law enforcement and first responders the resources they need to do their job. Mayor Moore wants to continue his efforts of supporting local law enforcement but because the federal government has seized so much control from local and state governments while neither party supports, it has become impossible

“I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement”

– Calvin Coolidge

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