Meet John W. Moore

Meet John W. Moore. He’s been  fighting with rural Arizonans for the rule of law, and economic opportunity for over 35 years. Unfortunately, folks at the top are making it impossible for our small towns to thrive. That’s why John won’t sit back and let bad Republican candidates get destroyed in the General again in 2022. He’s taking this fight right to the swamp!

John is the story of Williams. Williams is the story of rural Arizona.


Williams, AZ Police Chief John W Moore

I didn’t bother going to the highway for the (I-40 opening) celebration… The town did die, businesses closed up rapidly thereafter.” -Historian Al Richmond

Far separated from its heyday, Williams began suffering defeat after defeat. Starting with the loss of the timber industry and the shutdown of the Historic Grand Canyon Railway in the 60s, Williams didn’t have much to offer to its citizens. Most cities up and died when the I-40 cut them from vital economic access. Williams was the last town to have their lifeline cut. Williams, like many of the thriving Rt. 66 towns, seemed to be only the latest casualty of so-called progress.

“I wasn’t going to let them take my town. We hadn’t given up on Williams, but everyone else sure did.” -John W. Moore


“​The movers and the shakers, so to speak, just sort of gave up and said ‘we aren’t going to have any more business… Once the by-pass happened the town went into a fairly steady decline” John related later in an interview. Fortunately, with the tenacity and fight he brought from Missouri, John and some other residents were able to rally against the decision. It wasn’t easy but after constant failure and false hope, a new owner brought millions of dollars in investment to the railway. Williams finally has a reason to look forwards instead of back.

“We’ve got a lot of grit… We’re a small town with a big heart” -John W  Moore

On the Grand Canyon Railways’ “final” passenger trip in 1968, it had only 3 people aboard. Today it sees over 225,000 visitors a year. Today with disastrous polices like open borders, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and completely incompetent energy policy, we need someone who knows the district and has experience bringing it back to life!

First run Grand Canyon Railway

Dedicated to helping his own and coming riding high from success, John hardly sat back while the city came back to life.



Gateway to Grand Canyon NP WIlliams, AZ

Williams is the story of rural Arizona and Mayor John Moore wants to take the same fight to Washington!

Williams, like the rest of rural Arizona, is rich in culture, heritage and is home to a proud and stubborn bunch! This is the quintessential rural story but with a unique twist: Williams actually wins! A town with no options and no hope has now become a proud little town with hundreds of thousands of visitors and an economy that is outpacing the national one.
The town has seen quite a rebirth in recent years and many businesses and out-of-towners have flocked. Growth certainly comes with its own set of challenges but there could be worse things to worry about. While some cities have fallen off by becoming death certificates for businesses and free thought, Williams has become a hub in the area for people to just get away. In a world where people are more and more willing to inflict their world view on others. For many, it’s a place of freedom is a place to enjoy a relaxed environment where you can be free from the hostility that is too common in places like Tucson and Flagstaff today.
This is proven in a lot of ways. The town is now not only home to the Railway, but also to the famous Bearizona. Williams will even soon be the home of a theme park (it would have been finished now too, if not for the horrific Biden inflation crisis). A small city of just 3000, not 40 miles from Flagstaff… 20x its size! The difference is that Mayor Moore and the strong conservative values of Williams’ people helps businesses and doesn’t hurt their ability to bring valuable dollars into the community.

“I think without the Grand Canyon Railway and later Bearizona, I don’t know where we would be. I can assure you we wouldn’t be as economically sound as we are now.” -John W. Moore

John has been a public servant his whole life. Many comment on his willingness to admit when he doesn’t know about a particular issue and his willingness to learn. He didn’t understand all the issues when he got to Arizona, but he was willing to listen to the people who did. That is what gives him a unique position in this race. Successful small businesses, tenure as Mayor, and a willingness to work with everyone allows us an opportunity to finally elect a candidate with integrity. An outsider perspective but with the knowledge of his district and it’s people that spans 35 over years. That’s a rare quality in Arizona, where many move here and decide they know what is best for our home.


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