Uniting the People

Our nation has endured some of the greatest challenges the world has ever seen. We have always come together and fought under our common banner: The American flag. Now we stand in the midst of our toughest fight yet, will America be able to endure division and continue our shared identity or will partisanship and greed get the better of us?

American Before Partisan

The only way to unite Americans is to stop radical partisan policies. Polls have routinely shown that a majority of Americans actually agree on most major policy points. Then why does it seem like we are so divided? It’s because of extremist media pundits and radical politicians, like AOC and Nancy Pelosi. To create a more unified America, we must stop radical politicians and their policies that seek to divide us. This is why John will fight to prevent court-packing, harmful anti-gun laws, and radical police defunding policies. One of the only ways to bring Americans together is by actually listening to the things they want done. Congress can unite the people, but only when those in Congress actually listen to the people.

‘One Nation, Under God, Indivisible’

We’ve gone through so much as a nation, it’s sometimes hard to believe that we have persevered through some of our darkest days. A civil war, two world wars, and multiple economic collapses have led us through some difficult, but they have done nothing but strengthen our resolve as Americans.  John firmly believes that the challenges we face will only make us stronger.  Our discourse has gotten far more divisive, and it often appears that Americans simply can’t agree on anything these days.  Partisan media of all leanings creates a narrative that only highlights our differences, where neighbor is pitted against neighbor.  That narrative definitely drives their readership higher, and increases their advertising revenues to the point of a vicious cycle of revenue considerations driving discourse drive revenue considerations, over and over again.  It’s a tempting narrative to believe, and John Moore knows that all of us are bound to buy into it at one point or another.

In spite of all this noise, Americans aren’t actually as divided as it seems. In fact, we overwhelmingly agree on a wide variety of issues,  because we all want the same thing: A better life for us and our families. The problem is that America lacks the leadership to do what it takes to bring both the politicians and the people together to do what it takes to get it done.  Over 35 years of experience in government, John has time and time again proven that he has the skills and the drive to unite a vast network of stakeholders that can work together to solve the issues that really matter.

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