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Our campaign doesn’t have D.C elites to donate millions of dollars. We don’t have AOC’s money or Nancy Pelosi’s contacts but that’s what we think makes us special.

We want to do this campaign the right way, by knocking on the most doors, listening to the most people and winning on the ground! Our team will never have more money than Tom O’Halleran, or even my Republican opponents. I want this campaign to be about who can and will represent you with the most integrity and understanding of the issues we face.
Volunteering on my team means working to make you my boss. We run a fun, relaxed team environment where everyone is able to join and effectively perform as one of the team! We are willing to work with any experience level, availability or even location (in the US of course)!

I’ve always been a Proud Republican but democrats are fighting every single day and frankly, they are out raising us and out working us on the ground.

Have you been looking for a way to get active in our community? A lot of people are fed up with yes men like Tom O’Halleran selling our representation to the radicals in Congress and leaving us behind. That’s why we run a grassroots campaign that focuses on the community and reaching out

John W Moore Williams, AZ Carshow
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